Who are your tutors? 

Our tutors are students at the best universities in the country, who have all scored within the top one percent of all SAT or ACT test takers. We personally vet all of our tutors to assure the best quality. 

Do you have a tutor near me? 

All of our tutors work remotely, meeting with students one on one through software like Skype and Google Hangouts. Anthony-James Green, often referred to as the best SAT tutor in the world, does all of his tutoring exclusively over Skype. This also allows for tutors schedules to be more flexible to better fit your child's busy schedule. 

who will my tutor be? 

We compare your child's availability against the availability of our tutors as well as matching our tutors strengths to your child's weaknesses. For example, If your child needs specific help with the math section we will connect them with a tutor with a perfect score in the math section. 

what if I'm not satisfied? 

We allow up to two tutoring sessions before billing to ensure satisfaction. If you aren't satisfied simply send us an email telling us about your experience and we will waive your bill, no questions asked. 

How does billing work?

After every two tutoring sessions a bill is sent directly to your email through our secure payment network, provided by Square, and you can pay with any major credit/debit card.  

How many hours of tutoring is recommended? 

The amount of hours a student will need will vary from student to student. Typically a minimum of 10 hours is recommended. 

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